Which data is the most important if you are an iPhone user? I think the contacts are the most important. If my iPhone is stolen or broken, it will brings me unexpected troubles. Family members friends, collages can’t contact me, and I can’t contact them without the phone numbers. If would be rather bad if your iPhone was stolen and the thief asks for borrowing money from your iPhone contacts. In a word, losing contacts is not safe. So we’d better backup our contacts to our computer for unexpected things.

How to backup iPhone contacts to computer? I searched many pages in Google, and got different ways most needing complex iPhone settings, I tried them but failed, and it cost me so much time.  What I need is just a simple way to transfer my iPhone contacts to computer. Finally, I found a smart software called iPhone to PC Transfer, which helped me copy my iPhone contacts to computer successfully with several mouse clicks. It is very efficient, so I’d like to recommend it to you.

No matter Windows or Mac computer, you can use the proper version to backup iPhone contacts to PC. Free to try the software, it won’t let you down.

Step by step to transfer iPhone contacts to PC.

1: Open iPhone to PC Transfer, and connect iPhone to PC. You’ll see many items can be transferred to PC, including contact, sms, call list, camera, photo, podcast, voice memo, ringtones, books, audio, and video.

2: Click Contact icon, select the contacts you’d like to backup, and press “export the checked files to local” button, then select a target folder to save the iPhone contacts to PC.

3: Your iPhone contacts can be saved to PC as TXT file or CSV file, select either. When the transferring process finishes, you’ll see below dialogue.