Galaxy S4 Photo Recovery

Galaxy S4 Photo Recovery, developed by Jihosoft, is an excellent file retrieval software. It works for recovering deleted, formatted photos, videos and music files from Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Recover deleted contacts, photos, videos from iPhone 5C

iPhone Data Recovery is a life saver for retrieving deleted or lost files from iPhone 5C device directly or from iPhone 5C backed-up files with iTunes. It can easily recover your iPhone 5C lost data on Windows or Mac

iPhone 5S Data Recovery

iPhone 5S Data Recovery provides two recovery modes: Recover from iOS Device and Recover from iTunes Backup File. Recover from iOS Device will scan your iOS device directly to find data deleted recently, or data lost due to inaccessible iOS.

iPhone SMS Bulk Deletion

With iBackupBot, you can efficiently delete iPhone SMS in bulk, without manually deleting them one by one. The smart software also supports manage your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch backup files.

Recover Samsung Galaxy S4 deleted photos

Galaxy S4 Photo Recovery will be a saver if you need to recover the deleted photos, videos, or music files. Download it and have a try, it won’t let you down.

iPhone Video Recovery to restore iPhone videos due to deletion

iPhone Video Recovery not only supports recover deleted data files from iPhone device directly, it also supports recover deleted data from iTunes backup file.

How to recover iPhone 5 backup password on Windows PC?

With iPhone Backup Unlocker, you can recover the forgotten password, and then restore the iPhone 5 data that has been backed up. Not only for iPhone, it is also able to recover the iTunes backup password for iPad and iPod touch.

iPhone Recovery Mode, enter & exit iPhone Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is what your iPhone goes into when you are doing a standard iOS upgrade or restore, but you may want to put your iPhone into recovery mode for other reasons

How to recover deleted notes from iPhone 5, iPhone 4S

iPhone Data Recovery offers an easy way to recover your iPhone notes from iTunes backup or directly from iPhone device. The smart software lets you recover deleted or lost iPhone data from iTunes backup, or iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, or iPhone 3GS.

How to unlock your iPhone if you forgot the passcode?

If you cannot remember the iPhone passcode, you will need to restore your iPhone using the computer with which you last synced it. This allows you to reset your passcode and resync the data from the device (or restore from a backup).